100% Client Recommended in 2012, 2013 & 2014

Maria (Chile)

Thanks to Dr. Guy Meadows I recovered my enthusiasm for life. I even feel completely revived. Due to my insomnia I lost my job and my relationships got damaged, I thought I had lost everything worth in life; even though it took a while to notice some changes in my sleep patterns,once I started to accept my condition and started living my life again, my sleep started to improve gradually. Today I sleep 7-8 hours per night, I’m not afraid of going to bed and want to live my life fully. Thanks for enriching my life!

Jenny (UK)

I am finally sleeping and am so grateful to The Sleep School and your One Day Workshop. 

I am not anxious any more and have been able to sleep away from home, on a plane and it is fantastic. I have given your book to several of my friends to spread the word!

Thank you so much.

John Armstrong (London)

As a Police Officer I had worked unbearable shifts for most of my career. When I stopped my body and brain simply couldn’t get into a normal sleeping routine and when combined with life stress I found myself in a spiral of insomnia. I’d tried all the usual things…sleeping pills, exercise, night caps and none of it worked! I attended a 1 day workshop and Guy’s dynamic yet simple approach resonated well with me. I adopted the acceptance theory combined with mindfulness and quickly found myself able to sleep normally again. I recommend The Sleep Schools classes for shift workers and anyone struggling with sleep difficulties. It does work!

Jo Buchan (London)

I attended one of your workshops last year (in May) and have been meaning to get in touch for ages to say a MASSIVE thank you. I had been suffering from sleepless nights for around two years and, in desperation, booked on to the 1 day workshop. To say that it changed my life would not be an understatement. Yes, I still suffer from the odd sleepless night, but my sleep has been transformed and my life has also. When sleep is a bit more of a struggle again, I use the exercises and recognise the sleeplessness for what it is. Shortly afterwards I am usually snoring away!

David (United Kingdom)

Having experienced insomnia for as long as forty years, it has been a delight to enjoy satisfactory sleep employing the techniques learnt whilst attending one of The Sleep Schools workshops .The techniques are subtle but effective. I am convinced that the techniques used will eventually become universally accepted practice amongst medical professionals.

Sophie (Italy)

Periods of severe insomnia had been blighting my life for the past few years before I contacted The Sleep School. I had tried every alternative remedy and was reduced to taking sleeping pills in order to fall asleep every night. My bed had become a battleground – and the insomnia was affecting my work, relationships and entire outlook on life. Contacting Dr Guy Meadows was a last ditch attempt to find a solution. Nonetheless, I had already resigned myself to the fact that insomnia was something I could only hope to learn to live with. I could never have imagined that Dr Meadows’ plan might have worked so well as it did! The beauty of his course (conducted by telephone at a distance) was also in its simplicity – teaching the body to remember it’s most natural of abilities – that of sleep – through a number of very elementary steps. At the same time, the course worked to eliminate the fear (and therefore the source) of not sleeping. For the first time in many years, sleep has become a pleasure again – something I can achieve easily and naturally, without fear or medication. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Meadows’ course for anyone for whom insomnia is starting to have a negative impact on their lives. I myself am hugely grateful to Dr Meadows.

Jenny (United Kingdom)

This programme has changed my life in a very big way. I am a much happier person and I feel so much better after 10 years of not sleeping very well. I look at life in a much better way now. I used to just get though the day and dread going to bed, whereas now I don’t worry about it or think too much about not being able to sleep, as it now seems to just happen. Thank you very much for giving me my life back.

Suzie (Australia)

I would totally recommend Dr Guy and The Sleep School to anyone who has wrestled with the insomnia. He’s professional and obviously an expert, however his techniques are both easy to understand and if you persevere I believe they will be long-lasting. After 13 years of experiencing insomnia on and off, I feel much better at dealing with my insomnia and thus my relationship to it has vastly improved.

Rachel (United Kingdom)

The time I spent with you last month was the best money I have invested in a very long time! The mindfulness and acceptance technique you taught me has not only improved the quality and duration of my sleep; it has fundamentally changed the way in which I deal with life. Being able to create distance between myself and my own thoughts and emotions, has given me such an amazing freedom and empowerment! Letting go of the rope has enabled me to create the space to make choices about my life, rather than letting myself be pulled around. With regards to my sleep, the first night I put the technique into practise, my thoughts went into overdrive and my insomnia was the worst it had ever been. But by the second night, I was starting to sleep for longer periods and if I did wake up, I was getting back to sleep much sooner than I had been. Now when I go to bed, I am a sleep within minutes and whilst I still wake up a couple of times during the night, I fall back to sleep very quickly. Thank you for enriching my life!

Helena (United Kingdom)

I had been suffering from insomnia on and off for about 3 years, and it had been particularly bad over the last 12 months. I felt as though I was living in a fog of tiredness, that I was detached from reality due to sheer exhaustion. My mood was very labile and my tiredness was affecting my relationships, my social life and my work. I had tried lots of things in the past, knew all about sleep hygiene and was taking sleeping tablets intermittently. I was sceptical that there was anything further that could be done. When my husband convinced me that I should just see if there was somebody who might be able to help, I found out about one of Guy’s free introductory seminars and went along. Being a doctor myself, I was impressed with his scientific background and knowledge and his program sounded very detailed. I felt hopeful that this might actually work and I wasn’t disappointed! Guy is very thorough and tailors the program specifically to each person’s problems, both physiologically and psychologically. He is a great support throughout and makes you realise that you aren’t alone. My insomnia has gone and I am living a more mindful, relaxed and happier life. I highly recommend Guy if you are suffering from insomnia, to get your life and enjoyment of it back again is amazing. I feel like a normal person again!

Sam (United Kingdom)

Brilliant! Did not know what to expect when I walked in, but Guy managed to show me a completely new way of understanding and coping with insomnia. This new perspective aided by logical, calm methods has improved my sleeping no end!

Henry (Canada)

Well the first thing I should say is thank you for your time, effort and energy, you have helped me to get back on track, giving my life purpose and meaning again. I have been sleeping almost every night and am now not going through life sleep deprived. I did have a moment after starting my new job, when my sleep started to take a turn for the worse. But I re-read all my notes and started doing the exercises that you have taught me more regularly again and before I knew it I was back to sleeping. My anxiety has also reduced dramatically and when I feel that I am becoming a little anxious the first thing I do is notice it and because I am no longer afraid of it, it quickly dissipates and I am able to continue on without feeling overwhelmed.

Jessica (United Kingdom)

When I first went to The Sleep School I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was only getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep per night. I now sleep 7-8 hours most nights. I haven’t had a sick day from work in 6 months. The program that got my sleep back on track also changed my perspective and meditation has become part of my daily life. I recommend this program to anyone who is suffering from insomnia.‎

Simon (London)

I can’t recommend Guy highly enough. Having struggled to sleep for the best part of a decade, to the point where it had a serious impact on my life, i was almost resigned to being a lifelong insomniac. I tried all the usual techniques- hot milk, sleeping pills, sleep restriction techniques- but as is so often the case, the simplest answer is the right one. Guy explained his philosophies superbly, and I can honestly sat after just one session my sleep improved markedly in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, the techniques he teaches are applicable to so many areas of life, I have found our session to be beneficial in many ways I could never have imagined. If you struggle to sleep and worry about it- do yourself a huge favour and go and see Guy.

Katharine (United Kingdom)

When I approached Dr. Guy Meadows I was at my wits’ end. My sleepless nights were habitual and the light at the end of my tunnel appeared to be temporarily switched off. Guy really appeared to understand my issues and recommended some simple but hugely effective techniques. Within only weeks of following the programme I was seeing and experiencing major positive change. Now, I periodically sleep through my alarm – how wonderful is that in comparison to where I was prior to the programme. I appreciate that I might ‘relapse’ occasionally but I don’t worry because I now have all the techniques and tools to get myself back on track. I would recommend Guy to anyone who suffers with insomnia – he really can help you get your life back. Thank you Guy you have been my saviour.

Aziz (United Kingdom)

Firstly to say thank you for your support and help. I have reached a point I didn’t think possible with my sleep. I am sleeping better now and although I do have the odd “bad night” it doesn’t impact me the way it used to. The mindfulness exercises have given me the opportunity to slow down and appreciate the moment, instead of letting my mind race about and create situations in my head that aren’t real.

Medical Professional Endorsed

Professor Tanya Byron - Chartered Clinical Psychologist, Author and Broadcaster

Dr Guy Meadows teaches a revolutionary new method for combating insomnia. His approach is non-pharmacological and hugely successful. This book will be life-changing for anyone who struggles with their sleep.


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Steven C. Hayes, PhD - Co-developer of ACT, Professor - University of Nevada. Author of "Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life"

Sleep isn’t something you consciously do – you have to be awake to do things consciously. Sleep is something your body does when you move your mind out of the way … What you have in your hands is a truly new approach. In this spectacularly well-written book you will have a door opened that you may not have realised exists. You will learn how to get your mind out of the way … Put your sleep struggle into the hands of this brilliant clinician, and let’s get going. Let’s learn how to do nothing.

Dr. Hilary Jones - GP, Health Editor on ITV's Daybreak & medical issues writer

Sleep problems affect 25% of the UK population and lead to 30 million frustrated trips to the GP. This book is a lifeline to anyone who struggles with their sleep. Dr Guy Meadows’ radical new approach to curing insomnia is incredibly effective and, even better, it is natural – no pills, potions or props necessary.

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